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Our Story

Many companies managed to survive because of their ability to organize time and reduce their expenses, especially in crises and market fluctuations.

This applies more to small business owners and freelancers.

This is not a hidden secret!

In this sense, the need for Estate Wave appeared.

As a real estate broker, what are the operating expenses for performing daily business and bringing in new clients?

  • Technology ( Listing Cost, Accounting, CRM, manage contacts, Videos & Photos)
  • Activates( Phone calls, Gas)
  • Time & Effort( Site Visit ”Showing & Open Houses)

Through our accumulated experiences for more than a decade, we do understand the need for multiple software to meet the previous needs.

Therefore we designed Estate Wave to give you all your needs through one platform.

Save time and expenses to give your business the opportunity to continue and grow.

What We Do

Online Listing & Co-view Virtual tours

We are very proud of the fact that we're not just another listing portal.

CRM & Scheduler Process

Your business is unique, your CRM software should be too.

Accounting & BookKeeping

Estate Waves ecosystems of features automatically handles tasks so you can get your accounting done faster.

Professional Community

Your Social Network within a Business Platform.

Real Estate Agents
Build your own brand & Automate your process. Triple your Sales save time and money.
Sellers & Home Owners
Variety of real estate agents to work with. Your house listed in 64 countries within 100+ online portals.
Buyers and lessors
Seamless process no hassles with our AI technology. Senisitive search engine & smart filtering.

Everyone Loves Us

We Are Working Very Hard To Satisfy Everyone By Providing Them With The Right Tools.


The EstateWaves Suite

Listing Portal
Now no need to run around the Tech or Marketing companies to create a listing page for your property every time.
  • Make your property available to the world in few click
  • Every Property will have its own landing page with a form submission
  • Every agent will have their own landing page

“Your business is unique, your CRM software should be too”. The only CRM which is made for real estate professionals ONLY!!
  • Deals : Create and Track all the cold, warm and hot deals in just a few clicks. Deals get automatically created when some one submits a form on your listed property.
  • Contacts : Add different type of contacts i.e. vendors, customers, leads to the platform.

Send Emails & Schedule Meetings
Send Emails & Schedule Meetings
Simply you will be able to send the best list to your potential customers and allow them to book an online site visit, virtual reality tours or even a regular meeting.

You don’t need to be an accountant to do accounting. Just create your invoices, enter bills , expenses and the payments. EstateWaves will automatically generate your aged receivables, payables, trial balance, profit and loss report and also the balance sheet.

Virtual Reality
The easiest 360° VR presentations editor for presenting real estate space and performing live remote tours.
A web editor is easy to use. Upload your 360° images using your mobile phone and automatically turn them into a virtual tour or a 3D presentation. ‘Drag & drop’ image, text or video to enhance your presentation.

"Your Social Network within a Business Platform”
The community will allow you to connect and discuss everything about real estate. You can follow, ask questions, start discussions, up vote, comment and share content.

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